100 Views of Edo # 4 Deluxe Edition by Ando Hiroshige

100 Views of Edo # 4 Deluxe Edition by Ando Hiroshige
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Artist: Ando Utagawa Hiroshige (1787-1858)

Woodblock Prints Title: 100 Views of Edo # 4- Tsukudajima from Eitai Bridge

1st Publication: February 1857

Size: 8-7/8 x 13-1/4 + Margins as shown

Date of this edition: February 1857

Publisher: Uoya Eikichi

Carver: Hori-Sen

Condition: Margins trimmed pretty slim on vertical sides, some remant of prior backing on the bottom left of the print. Excellent colors, very good overall.

Notes: This is an extremely rare first edition, Deluxe edition with Mica in the sky area. Usually, this technique was reserved for good customer or prestigious people, as the technology was fairly new, expensive and difficult to master. Great print, great colors, splendid wood marks from the original block, mica, a real masterpiece from this 100 views of Edo series.

More about this print: This view in Edo Bay is one of only a few prints in this series in which Hiroshige attempted to portray a starlit sky. The fishing boats have come from Tsukudajima Island, lying silent in the distance. Employed by the shogun, they caught the tiny translucent shirauo, or "white fish," whose bland taste was favored by his prescribed diet. The vessels' bright fires were a familiar winter sight.

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