36 Views of Mt Fuji The Sea off Satta by Ando Hiroshige

36 Views of Mt Fuji The Sea off Satta by Ando Hiroshige
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Artist: Ando Utagawa Hiroshige (1787-1858

Woodblock Prints Title: The Sea off Satta in Suruga Province (Suruga Satta kaijô), from the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji (Fuji sanjûrokkei)

1st Publication: April 1858

Size: 13-1/4 x 8-3/4 + Margins as shown

Date of this edition: April 1858

Publisher: Tsutaya Kichizo

Carver: Unknown

Condition: A rather large piece of acidic band-aid type of tape in the upper right corner, on the back of the print, designed to repair a cracked area. The print being so thin, it transfers through the print. Ideally, this piece of tape should be removed professionally. An horizontal center fold now flattened. A few restored losses in the margins and upper corners. A red Certificate of authenticity seal on the bottom corner, on the back of the print, not affecting the print itself. Excellent colors, very good impression, good overall condition.

Notes: Absolutely fantastic print from the 36 views of mount Fuji. This is Hiroshige's take on the Wave by Hokusai. The print is is the most sought after in the 36 views of mount Fuji Series.

The tape on the back of the print could be removed, using an iron to heat the tape and melting the glue for an easy removal. However, we do not have the skills to perform such actions, and we suggest to have it professionally done by experts rather that taking the risk to damage the print.

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