Poem by Chunagon Yakamochi by Hokusai Key Block

Poem by Chunagon Yakamochi by Hokusai Key Block
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Artist: Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)

Woodblock Prints Title: Poem by Chűnagon Yakamochi (ďtomo no Yakamochi), from the series One Hundred Poems Explained by the Nurse (Hyakunin isshu uba ga etoki)

1st Publication: 1835

Size: Horizontal ˘ban; 26.4 x 38.2 cm (10 3/8 x 15 1/4 in.)

Date of this edition: 1835

Publisher: Nishimuraya Yohachi (Eijud˘)

Condition: Some very mild foxing, a little bit of soiling, else very fine. Very good to excellent overall condition, fully margin.

Notes: This piece is exceptional and unique. For anyone familiar with Peter Morse's book on the 100 poets series, you might be familiar with the Key block prints. That series of 100 prints had only 27 of them ever printed, the other designs are only known through their key blocks.

46 of these unique Key blocks are at the Sackler & Sacks Museum, the other ones are privately owned. This is one of them. There are 100 Key blocks ever printed, one for each design.

Pictures: Pictures are taken outdoor, in the shade, to reflect true colors, without any enhancements of any kind. The last picture is taken indoor, with a light behind the print, to reveal the exact paper grain, holes if any, or other possible flaws.

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