Hawk on Tree Branch Scroll by Hiroshige

Hawk on Tree Branch Scroll by Hiroshige
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Artist: Ando Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858)

Woodblock Prints Title: Hawk on Tree Branch

1st Publication: 1850's

Size: 15-3/4" x 49" for the image part, 21-1/4 x 74" overall (53 x 188 cm overall)

Date of this edition: 1850's

Publisher: Self Published

Condition: Recently restored to a new background, this scroll is in near perfect condition.

Notes: This original painting is absolutely fantastic. It is a silk painting scroll signed and sealed by Hiroshige, mounted on brocade as a scroll.

Pictures: Pictures are taken indoor, and may be more reddish than actual true color due to indoor lighting.

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