Artist: Hasui Kawase

Artist: Hasui Kawase
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Born on May 18 1883, in Shiba, under the given name of Hasui Bunjiro, he had to take over the wholesale family business despite his aspiration for art. It's only until 1909 that he was able to learn the art of painting, western style, with Okada Saburosuke, then later woodblock printing with Kiyokata Kaburagi.

His encounter with Wanatabe Shozaburo in 1918 was the start of a lifetime collaboration that will lead him to fame and success. He produced about 100 designs with him before the 1923 Kanto earthquake destroyed it all. Since they were never reprinted, all his early artwork is now the most sought after, that often reaches record number at auction houses.

The 1924 - 1932 period was a tough one, between the rebuild of the Shozaburo's business and the impact of the world economic depression, that pushed him to publish works with other publishers, such as Sakai and Kawaguchi, Doi Teiichi, or Bijutsusha to name a few. This is also his most prolific period with a multiple masterpieces series, such as Souvenir of Travels, selection of Scenes of Japan.

Past 1933, Kawase Hasui resumed working exclusively with Wanatabe Shozaburo and, with the help of Robert Muller, exported a large amount of prints toward Europe and United States, making him one of the most famous Japanese Artist overseas at the time.

He his known for his beautiful landscapes, snow scenes, and has become one of the leading artist of the Shin Hanga movement.

Kawase Hasui died on November 7 1957, at the age of 74. He published a total of nearly 600 Woodblock prints.


Wanatabe Shozaburo Seals : A --- 1924-1930
B --- 1927-1932
C --- 1929-1942
D --- 1931-1941
E --- 1932-1942
F --- 1934-1941
G --- 1942-1945
H --- 1943-1947
I --- 1943-1947
J --- 1918-1924, then 1946-1957
K --- 1957-1989
L --- 1990-Present day
M --- 1924-1942

Doi Seals : A --- 1931-1932
B --- 1932-1939
C --- 1940-1947
D --- 1948-1962
E --- 1963-1980
F --- 1981-Present day

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