Artist: Hiroshi Yoshida

Artist: Hiroshi Yoshida
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Commencing his artistic journey under the guidance of his adoptive father in Kurume, Hiroshi Yoshida was born in 1876 and left to study with Soritsu Tamura in Kyoto. He soon moved to Tokyo and sought the teachings of Shotaro Koyama where he learned the skill of Western-style painting, enhancing his artistry to the point of winning multiple exhibition prizes. Yoshida toured the United States, Europe and the North of Africa, proudly selling his artwork decorated with watercolors and beautiful oil paints. Becoming an integral part of the ‘Meiji Fine Arts Society; in the Pacific painting Association in 1902, he continued to soar higher with each flight. Though he reaped enormous success and was even featured in state-sponsored Bunten and Teiten exhibitions, his interest stared oscillating from oils and watercolors to woodblock printmaking. The more he was found awareness of the infatuation the western world holds for ‘ukiyo-e’, the more he found himself drawn to the style.

On returning to Japan from his journey to the United States and Europe in 1925, he started his very own workshop, showcasing landscapes inspired not only by his native surroundings, but also with what is memory served him of his foreign expeditions. Form designing his prints and carving his own intricately fashioned wooden blocks to actually making the prints, Yoshida preferred to carry out the process himself. Though his career saw a pose in lieu of the Pacific War, he continued designing beautiful prints until he fashioned his last one in 1946. Though he let go of the woodblock technique, he continued to paint in other mediums until he passed away in 1950. Despite traveling far and wide, Yoshida’s roots remained attached to Japan and he maintained his traditions whole-heatedly. Captivated by nature, his works exuded a calm and peaceful vibe, setting a peaceful mood for his audience across the globe.


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